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CT106 - Shabby Chic Patchwork


Shabby Chic Patcwork

Pack A : 1/4 meter (50cm X 57cm) @ RM 8.00 X 2 design/color = RM 16.00
Pack B : 1/2 meter (50cm X 114cm) @ RM 15.00  X 2 design/color = RM 30.00
Pack C : 1 meter (99cm X 114cm) @ RM 27.00  X 2 design/color = RM 54.00
 (please refer here on sizing)

Lightweight 100% Japanese cotton
Fabric Width : 45"

Limited Stock  

Notes / Remarks

Recommended for all handmade crafts, patch work, houseware deco and baju kurung.  

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